“(…) Every story is an artificial reconstructed one, but it is not still real. Both the emotional involvement of any spectator and the identification with the carachter are real. Your mind can recognize the fiction, but it accepts this seductive illusion. That is deception of the senses. This one, as Immanuel Kant thought, exists when the real relationship with the object is understood so to end likelihood. The illusion remains even when the trick is confessed. We are tricked from the first; we are bewitched from the second. Fabio Govoni relies on the titles of his works to reveal the truth, candidly showing the artifice. (…) The viewer’s gaze remains there, waiting to perceive the suspended gap and to distinguish the “mask” from the authentic; this is the result which changes us from passive subjects into useful elements of the show. (…)”

FACE to FACE by Linda Giusti

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