Fabio Govoni portrait

Fabio Govoni is an italian painter and visual artist.

Everyone who now calls himself an artist started, as a baby, with a pencil in his hand and a white piece of paper in front of him 

Fabio Govoni, artist

The story so far

FABIO GOVONI was born in Modena, Italy, in 1974.

Since a child he reveals artistic endowments that he keeps refining over the years, although his studies take a different direction. His great passion for the world of comics pushes him towards the collaboration with the review of amateur comics “CASABLANCA, publishing some works and participating in group exhibitions in “Circolo degli Artisti” and “Circolo I Cortili” in Modena. His dream becomes real in 1995, when he enters the group of drawers of the monthly series “IRONHEARTIl “Marchio Giallo Editions”. He draws nn. 2 and 3, on the script of Stefano Lusardi, journalist of the review of cinema “Ciak”. In the following years he realizes some graphic works, like the illustrations for the event “Ortografico in Parco Ducale di Modena in 2007 in occasion of the world famous designer Karim Rashid intervention.

The passage to painting takes place in 2007. With his deeply “pop” style he tries to return to comic the status of “art” that he believes it has never really achieved in Italy. Therefore the starting point still remains the black line in white background that outlines the idea, developed in a pictorial way through the utilization of acrylic color, water-colour-like techniques and different materials (for example “living” substance like salt). To all this is added the definition of the figure with graphite sketch.

Fabio Govoni paints by mixing figurative and abstract, comics and painting, the black line and graphite and colour, often experimenting with alive matter like salt. Even if he’s inspired by american Pop Art (but reading it with a critical eye) he’s fascinated by informal art and casuality, by the technique achieved by artists like Paul Jenkins or Shozo Shimamoto and Kazuo Shiraga of Gutai Group.

First original project in 2012, “BioPICS” (Galleria MOdenArte), followed by a second one at the end of the same year, “BACK(on)STAGE (Padova Cinema Festival Secondomè Fest), with the collaboration of movie directors Silvio Soldini and Enrico Lando. In 2103 and 2014 a new version of BioPICS (“BioPICS2.0) is presented in Bologna (Biografilm Festival) by “la Feltrinelli”, and taken to Milano, Genova and Firenze.


  • 2015

    EXPO Arte Italiana

    Cur. Vittorio Sgarbi, Villa Bagatti-Valsecchi, Varedo (Italy) / group exhibition. 

  • 2014

    Natale con l'Arte

    Galleria Arte Maggiore e Ufficio Culturale e Scientifico Egiziano, Roma (Italy) / group exhibition. 

  • 2014

    Luci sull'Arte

    Palazzo Genovese e Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno (Italy) / group exhibition. 

  • 2014

    bioPICS 2.0

    Feltrinelli Megastore, Firenze (Italy) / solo exhibition. 

  • 2013


    Live performances and solo exhibitions, Cattivi Maestri 2013, Modena (Italy) 

  • 2013

    bioPICS 2.0

    Biografilm Festival, Feltrinelli, Bologna-Milano-Genova (Italy) / solo exhibition 

  • 2013

    The Icons - i volti della musica

    Art FaCTory 2013, Caserta (Italy), group exhibition

  • 2012

    Play With Eyes

    Museo di Arte Moderna, Caserta (Italy), group exhibition 

  • 2012


    Secondomè Fest 2012, Galleria Sottopasso della Stua, Padova (Italy), dual exhibition

  • 2012

    Art takes Time Square

    Time Square, New York (USA), group exhibition 

  • 2012


    Galleria MOdenArte, Modena (Italy), solo exhibition

  • 2011

    Music Hall

    Exalumeria, Modena (Italy), solo exhibition 

  • 2011


    Club Europa’92, Modena (Italy), solo exhibition